Partner Code of Conduct

We ask that our partners make a promise to their customers. One that's pretty straightforward and helps us all work together to leave visitors the impression that Calgary's a truly fantastic place. One worth visiting again and again.

We want our visitors to know that we – and all our indusry partners– care about customer satisfaction and consumer protection. Tourism Calgary partners post the "You're in Good Company" decal to let visitors know they can expect fair treatment from Tourism Calgary partners. 

What's the promise?

To preserve the reputation of the destination; to promote tourism through the Partnership of Tourism Calgary; and to guide our actions in business, we hereby promise to abide by the Tourism Calgary Code of Business Practices that values:

Professionalism: to consistently honour all commitments made to our customers; to say what we mean and deliver what we promise

Accountability: to provide value and high standards in products and services; to provide a safe environment for our customers and employees; and to obey the laws of Canada

Respect: to treat our customers and our suppliers with dignity and fairness

Truth: to build confidence in our business and other businesses within the destination by being wholly honest in all endeavours

Nurturing: to provide service that exceeds the expectations of our visitors by encouraging industry education and training programs

Experience: to show by example what we have known for a long time - customer satisfaction equals success

Responsiveness: to fairly and quickly resolve all complaints we encounter

Service: to do our part to improve our business, industry, community, province and country