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About #LoveYYC

2016 was the first year of the #LoveYYC initiative and it was a wonderful success. This was a result of our industry coming together with overwhelming support to celebrate our city and show Calgarians the many things to be proud of. Calgarians came out in droves to experience something new in their city making them stronger advocates for all Calgary has to offer. A snapshot of our collective success: 

  • Over 200 partners actively participated in the initiative
  • The #LoveYYC hashtag was used over 12,000 times throughout the campaign and 6,652 times on LoveYYC Day
  • #LoveYYC videos were viewed 1.2 million times
  • Social listening research indicates sentiment towards Calgary increased positively by 1% and decreased negatively by 2%

We’ve partnered with Calgary Economic Development again this year to inspire Calgarians to become advocates for their city, engage in their community, and to spend locally.

On Thursday October 19, this joint initiative will launch a celebration that unfolds in three phases:

i. Inspiration – Love Letter to YYC video
ii. Celebration – #LoveYYC social media engagement 
#LoveYYC Day – Saturday, November 4

This initiative has been designed as a platform for all of our partners to leverage and engage in. Tourism Calgary and Calgary Economic Development hope that you will join us in this initiative and find value for your organization. 

#LoveYYC Day

On Saturday, November 4, we want to get Calgarians out trying something new and supporting their local businesses. We are encouraging all our partners to put together their best possible one day offer to incentivise new customers to try your products or experiences and fall in #LoveYYC. This will be a city wide event and its success will hinge on the participation of as many local businesses participating as possible. 

All partner offers will be compiled online at www.visitcalgary.com/LoveYYC and online, social and news communications will be directed to that site for more information.

The red heart and balloon – a symbol of #LoveYYC

To show off the strong #LoveYYC feelings our city has, the red heart and heart shaped balloon are being used to promote this initiative. Tourism Calgary staff are roaming the city with red balloons leading up to #LoveYYC day. If you would like us to come to your location or have an idea for a red balloon photo, email social@tourismcalgary.com. Additionally, feel free to use the red heart printout below in photos or use any red heart shaped balloon for your photos.

Here are some examples or organizations showcasing the #LoveYYC spirit in a photo with the red balloon:

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How to participate on social and digital media

The success of #LoveYYC relies on the support of all Calgarians. The more people sharing the love online and face to face, the bigger and better #LoveYYC Day will be!

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Make a partner offerWe are encouraging all our partners to put together their best possible one day offer to incentivise new customers to try your products or experiences and fall in #LoveYYC. All partner offers will be promoted to Calgarians to encourage them to try something new. The more partners participating, the better #LoveYYC Day will be.
  • Engage on social media by sharing #LoveYYC content, using and promoting the #LoveYYC hashtag and using the #LoveYYC profile picture overlay
  • Create your own content: #LoveYYC assets, including images and graphics, are available for you to use as you wish. Our content is open source, for your convenience! We encourage you to create your own images, videos and other content using the #LoveYYC logo and assets. See below for assets to use.
  • Take a red balloon photo: either email us at social@tourismcalgary.com, use the cutout below, or use any heart shaped red balloon to show your love in photos
  • Educate your community by encouraging members and partners of your organization, friends and family, and others in your community to participate in #LoveYYC. Create brand ambassadors by encouraging social media and online discussion using the #LoveYYC hashtag.
  • Participate in #LoveYYC Day by sharing your stories and experiences with Calgarians through social media. Some of the ways you can participate include: live/semi-live streaming via Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Periscope, or Facebook Live; live Tweeting and interacting with consumers on Twitter, posting Instagram photos and Facebook posts throughout the day

Partner Information Sessions

Learn about getting involved in the #LoveYYC movement through the creation of compelling offers, earned media opportunities and social media activations by attending an education session.

RSVP to one of the sessions below:



1. What is the #LoveYYC campaign?

#LoveYYC is a local promotional initiative designed to boost morale amongst Calgarians and encourage Calgarians to support their local businesses and try new experiences. It is the hope that by sharing the things we all love about Calgary, we will increase positive sentiment about our city for all Calgarians.

2. When is the #LoveYYC Day?

The #LoveYYC campaign will culminate on #LoveYYC Day (November 4th, 2017). On #LoveYYC Day, we will be encouraging all Calgarians to get out of their homes and explore their city by supporting local businesses and trying new and exciting experiences. We are hoping to have as many local businesses and organizations in the city as possible make one-day only partner offers to help encourage participation amongst Calgarians.

3. Are there any costs to participate in #LoveYYC?

There are no costs to be a part of the #LoveYYC campaign. Partner offers are 100% up to you to determine. All brand assets for #LoveYYC will be available free of charge and available for you to use.

4. How can I promote #LoveYYC to my customers?

Any way you’d like! Social media, putting up signage, word of mouth, email blasts, and adding information to your website are all great ways to spread the word. Be creative!

5. How can I create a partner offer to be included as part of #LoveYYC?

Submit your offer via online submission:  www.visitcalgary.com/loveyycoffer by Friday October 27, 2017. Information that we require includes:  

  • Your organization’s #LoveYYC Day offer
  • Name of your organization
  • Address
  • Website
  • Social media handles
  • Contact person

6. Who can I contact for more information on participating in #LoveYYC?

For more information on #LoveYYC, contact LoveYYC@tourismcalgary.com

#LoveYYC Assets and More Information

All Tourism Calgary partners are encouraged to use any of the following assets in creating their own #LoveYYC content, including images, videos, web pages, and social promotions.

Instructions for use (training manual)

  • To come.

Graphic Assets


Love Letter to YYC

Additional #LoveYYC videos for sharing Many Hands Videos


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