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The City of Calgary is ideally situated where the impressive Canadian prairies meets the rugged snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Safe, clean, and cosmopolitan, Calgary is a thriving business centre that mixes big-city energy with genuine Western hospitality.

Calgary is full of a contagious energy. There is always something to do, some new restaurant to try, festival to lose yourself in or attraction to experience. Sport and cultural events are at the heart of this energy, but it’s also our public art and architecture, our young population, our growing and confident culinary and cultural scenes that combine to give Calgary a unique cosmopolitan feel.

Calgary is also surrounded by four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Set just short drives to mountains, lakes and badlands, Calgarians and their visitors are constantly moving from one adventure to the next.

We Are a Sport City

Sport is part of our city’s identity, our history, our source of pride and at the centre of our vision for the future. Calgarians love to participate, spectate, support and engage in sport at all levels. It’s not only our world-class venues, strongly supported professional sport franchises, reputation as a Mecca for high performance and Olympic winter sport training, and over 300 thriving local sport organizations that contribute to this, but it’s also our widely recognized volunteer spirit and focus on community legacy and sustainability.


Calgary has been recognized by SportBusiness International in 2014 and 2016 as an Ultimate Sport City among a competitive ranking of major cities globally. 

The Calgary Sport Tourism Authority was recognized by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance as the 2014 Sport Organization of the Year.

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    A passion for sport helps make Calgary one of the most dynamic destinations in Canada. Our sport culture is unique.

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