Tourism Calgary's Sport & Major Events (CSME) team can help steer you through the bid process, aligning objectives and coordinating partnerships with key community stakeholders. We’ll assist you with all aspects of your bid preparation and provide your bid committee with help in preparing dynamic bid packages and presentations for event rights-holders. We’ll also give you access to our network of suppliers and industry partners, and supply complimentary editorial, image galleries and logos for ease of insertion into your bid documents.

In order to ensure that your event is a great success, Tourism Calgary will provide support during the bid process, including:

  • Coordinate partnerships with local stakeholders (public and private sector, venues, sport associations, media, tourism)
  • Coordinate and lead bid committees
  • Invest in bid programs
  • Support government funding requests for major events following a thorough feasibility review
  • Distribute request for proposals (RFPs) to hotels, venues and transportation providers to ensure events receive the most competitive rates possible 
  • Coordinate and host comprehensive site inspections of our accommodations and sport facilities for event rights holders

Consult on event funding opportunities including grant eligibility